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Andrew's Writings

  • After the fires »
    At the start of the fifth week, Roberts was growing weary. His face was drawn with tiredness and dirt lined the thick creases in his skin. The tunnel was vast now, and the sound of the pumps keeping it dry echoed in the huge space...
  • A short story »
    Bruce Forsyth enters the room. Heads turn, conversations pause, never to be restarted. A woman, hair thick with Product, eyes dead, hangs on his arm...
  • The perils of drink - Issue #1 »
    Early morning, New Year's Day. A takeaway food emporium just outside Leicester's beating heart. They do proper chips and they are loved for it...
  • Jade Goody: Rest In Public »
    There is a massive divide in our society. Two days ago I joined the G20 protest. As far as I was concerned it was important to show the world's elite that the people are angry for the way our future has been gambled away...
  • Time Travelling Comedian Guy »
    In a world where science meets engineering. One man stands between fear and hope. Andrew O'Neill is the Time Travelling Comedian Guy...