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Mustard comedy magazine

Mustard is jam-packed with funny words and pictures, plus exclusive interviews with the comedy greats.

I've written quite a few articles for Mustard mag, which is edited
by Alex Musson, who was my flatmate for a couple of years.

Together we interviewed one of our heroes, comic book writer and wizard Alan Moore. We've both kept in touch with Alan; he helped me workshop my Winston Churchill was Jack The Ripper show and Alex is doing new Mustard pages for Alan's Dodgem Logic magazine.

You can see this list of articles I've written for Mustard. And you can get my 'Honey The Kids...' poster (shown right) in the Mustard's set of six spoof movie postcards.

You can buy Mustard magazine for £2.
Preview pages from the issues here:


"A genuinely entertaining comedy mag" Word
"Naughty, observant and very very funny... a satirical gem." The Telegraph
"Brilliantly funny!" BBC
"Always adds a dash of something special." Michael Palin
"Funny people who clearly love comedy." Richard Herring
"Endlessly hilarious and effortlessly cool... a UK rival to The Onion." Alan Moore
"First class!" The Guardian
"Absolutely cracking!" Channel 4