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Hello. This is the bit of the website where I
self-consciously tell you about myself.

I am a stand-up comedian, a metalhead, an amateur occultist and a musician. I've pretty much been a show off since birth. I did comedy sketches in assemblies at school, and pissed away my A Levels making comedy films with my mates on my brothers camcorder. You will never get to see these, because my mates would fucking kill me if I put them on the net.

I've done a bit of telly, (including Never Mind The Buzzcocks, and Saxondale with Steve Coogan) and lots of radio (including BBC Radio 1, Radio 4, Radio 4 Extra, and 5live) but live is where the hidden mind-control signals planted in my work are most effective.

I'm a bit of a regular on the comedy stages at Download, Sonisphere, Bloodstock, Leeds and Reading festivals. I've opened for Amanda Palmer off of the Dresden Dolls, done audience warm-up for Never Mind the Buzzcocks, hosted the Metal Hammer Golden Gods, played at Torture Garden and the Bizarre Magazine Ball and load of other events where people mainly wear shiny things.

I'm vegan, as you can tell by the fact that I have a lithe, sinewy body. I'm a heterosexual transvestite, as you can tell by the fact that I wear female clothes and fancy girls. I'm not a goth. This is an understandable error, but there is a difference between a metaller who cross-dresses and a goth. And if need be I will fight you to demonstrate that difference. I've got nothing against goths. Some of my best friends are goths. Their food is lovely and they have natural rhythm.

I am in a steampunk band called The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing and I do walking tours of Jack The Ripper's murder sites.

Here are some of the shows I've done in Edinburgh and toured and that:

Andrew O'Neill's Totally Spot-On History Of British Industry
Andrew O'Neill's Totally Spot-On History Of British Industry

Here are some of the things people have said about my comedy:

Stand-Up Comedy

An increasingly distinctive, imaginative act... brilliant, genuinely unexpected lines are added to the mix. At this rate, it won't be long until he's huge.

One of the funniest comedians on the circuit at the moment... hitting new heights of comedic brilliance.

He's got a natural optimism and love of silliness that leaves you feeling remarkably positive... a winning blend of polemic and off-beat whimsy.
The Guardian

One of the most entertaining, interesting and multilayered acts we've seen. Don't miss a trick – go and see him now.

So funny I put him in my new TV show.
Steve Coogan

Talented, intelligent and unique. Bringing the spirit of the alternative 80s back into the comedy circuit.
Dazed & Confused

Keeping the true flame of creativity burning bright.

Andrew O'Neill is like comedy ball-lightning. Fast, electrifying and even funnier than the misfortunes of others.
Alan Moore

Andrew O'Neill's Totally Spot-On History Of British Industry

Probably the best actual jokes I've heard on the fringe this year... his skill with language is on a par with the best of Peep Show or The Day Today.
The Guardian

A cleverly-plotted, side-splitting narrative... and a twist on a par with Douglas Adams. An industrial-strength comedy.
**** Three Weeks

Equal parts cerebral humour and downright absurdism... this is comedy for the unapologetically nerdy, and all the better for it.
**** The Dubliner

His finely-tuned jokes are a joy to behold... by the end of his hour he's created enough energy to power 100 looms and ensure his late night show is a cracking invention.
**** Metro

Oh my. We have a winner... this might just be the best show on the Fringe this year. Clever, witty, surreal, silly, well-constructed, beautifully written and pretty much faultless.
MySpace Comedy UK

Cleverly put together, engagingly different and made us laugh until our sides split open.

A consistently funny, breakneck tour of the subject, written and presented with considerable flair and demonstrating a keen ear for a ridiculous turn of phrase.

Winston Churchill was Jack The Ripper

Clever comedy for those who like their laughs original, off-kilter and cliché-free.
**** Three Weeks

Everyone around me fell about with laughter.
The Scotsman

Gruesomely absorbing... bloody entertaining.